Chat 002 – Da (Where I got my Smarts and Sweet Tooth)

It was really nice to get to sit down with my granddad and talk to him about several things. We spent several minutes talking about several fun things about Da and I.

Fun Fact: We actually recorded this video once before but ran out of memory on my phone :/ Luckily we were able to reshoot the video and capture our talk (as seen above)!

4 Interesting Facts about my Grandad (Da)


  • His quick hands, athletic ability and wit led him to be a state contender in high school Boxing.
  • He was constantly welcoming and friendly to others – His work as a surgeon was helpful to many people and I likely inherited some of my empathy/caring for others from him.
  • One of his favorite foods is anything with sugar! Making him a likely influence for my sweet tooth 🙂
  • Da is an amazing man of few words – He doesn’t talk too much and our phone conversations over the last 5 years have been basically the same script. We love each other and want to see each other ASAP.

Thanks for doing this chat with me Da! It was really nice getting to hear from you and record it to watch in the future. I know small talk is often neither of our thing so I am even more grateful that you were willing to share some fun stuff about yourself on this video. Love you!

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