Chat 001 – Memaw (Where I Get a lot of My Creativity)

I had a blast interviewing my Memaw. She really has inspired me throughout my life and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Most of the creative projects I’ve done since High School revolved around the stories she told us as children. She basically created an entire world of characters revolved around a unique story line. I have since created my own creative world based on her stories that I call Memaws Monsters. It makes life fun!

What all We Talked About in this Interview with Memaw

Memaw and I got to discuss several different topics in this fun interview including:

  • The stories Memaw told her 6 grandchildren growing up
  • How to have courage in life and why it’s important
  • What I was like as a child
  • A bit about several of the main characters from her stories
  • And the projects I have made based on Memaws’ stories

We had a blast talking together and I am super happy to have this recorded for future generations to see. Thanks for being the first interview I ever did for my blog, Memaw and I love you!

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