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Pickleball in Austin, Texas FAQ

I’ve been playing and coaching Pickleball in Austin, Texas since 2018. Here are answers to some of the most asked questions I get about playing Pickleball here.

Where to play Pickleball in Austin, Texas?

There is more and more places to play over the years so it’s hard to keep an ongoing list of where all to play. But I would say to call your nearby rec center or YMCA. Several of them have made open play available.

Places to play Pickleball in and around Austin, Texas that have had Pickleball for many years include:

Note that several of these locations require you to bring your own net to play. You can find pickup games of Pickleball at places like ATPC listed below in the social games section.

How to get started playing Pickleball (Are there intro classes in Austin?)

I teach intro to Pickleball classes at the Austin Tennis and Pickleball Center on Johnny Morris Road. You can find them and signup here on the calendar.

If you prefer learning on your own, this is a great Youtube video series I watched to learn this fun game.

What Pickleball Paddle should I buy?

I get this question a lot from new and existing players. So I made an entire post on it’s own to cover it. Find a paddle that is great for you here.

Where are there social Pickleball games for me to play?

A lot of Pickleball games in Austin are private groups. However, there are still a few public get togethers that happen around town.

If you know of other pickup Pickleball games, please add them to the comments section below for others to find.

What Pickleball Leagues are Available in Austin, Texas?

Here are a couple of Pickleball leagues around town:

Where do I Find Upcoming Pickleball Tournaments Around Town?

Most tournaments will be posted on Pickleball Tournaments dot com. Here is a link to their website with upcoming tournaments in Texas.

It’s also common for some smaller, non-Sanctioned tournaments to be held around town. My suggestion for finding out about those is to play in some of the social games or leagues listed above. Recently I’ve heard of several tournaments being held at 5 Soul Wine Co. Here is 5 Soul’s Pickleball info. Dreamland has also hosted some tournaments. Here is Dreamland’s calendar.

Who are the Pickleball Coaches in Austin, Texas?

There are quickly becoming more of us coaches as the sport takes off.

If you know of other coaches, feel free to mention them in the comments section with a way to contact them.

Want to Know About Future Pickleball Events and Clinics that I Run in Austin, Texas?

Want updates on future Pickleball events and news? You can sign up here for my pickleball email list for email updates. Or you can text the word PICKLEBALL to 77222 to receive text updates on your cell phone (standard messaging and data rates apply).

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