Chat 004 – Self Confidence and Organization Tips with Peyton Zipoy

My friend Peyton Zipoy joined me for a fun chat. We discussed self confidence along with organizational tips. She has helped me over the last few months get organized in 2 different locations as I moved from Elgin to Austin (both in Texas). Peyton has also been super helpful in helping me be more confident in myself.

Check out some of her tips in our video below. (Or read a bit about it in the text below)

Peyton Discusses 3 Types of Self Confidence

It was fun talking with my friend Peyton as usual. She taught me about 3 different types of self confidence that a person can have (and grow).

  • Physical Confidence – How you feel about your appearance. This is one of the things I feel relatively confident about. Not that I feel like I look amazing or anything, but just that I tend to not care as much about what I look like to others.
  • Mental Confidence – How you feel about your self. I personally struggle with this one at times worrying if I will be good enough at XYZ. Or if my skills and abilities are worth the money that I make doing them (even if it’s a little bit of money).
  • Decision making Confidence – Your ability to be confident with your decision making. This is by far where I am personally least confident. We discussed ways for me to improve in this area. Particularly when ordering food at a restaurant 🙂

I thought the 3 types of self confidence that Peyton discussed was very interesting. It helped me to figure out where I was strong and where I was weak. What I needed to improve and what I needed to keep going.

A Few of Peytons Tips for Getting Oranganized

I am not known for my organization and tidiness. Thankfully I have friends like Peyton that are skilled in this area. So we talked a bit about ways Peyton has found to keep better organized around the house and workplace.

Here are a few tips that she had about getting and staying organized:

  • Focus on 1 area to organize – It can be quite overwhelming to organize when you think of all 20+ things that need to be done. Peyton suggests focusing on 1 area at a time to help lower the anxiety of organizing ‘everything at once’.
  • Make a list – Knowing what all you would like to get done is good. Making a list in order of ‘most important’ to ‘least important’ is even more helpful. A list is also helpful because you can get the satisfaction of checking things off of your list and feeling accomplished.
  • Put things away – This may sound simple (because it is). But for some reason I tend to just put items on top of counters and desks vs. putting them away in drawers. Peyton has helped me a lot by organizing my things and creating boxes for certain items (such as a box for all of my stationary and a box for all of my sporting goods). Once you have established places to put things away, it’s way easier for you to stay organized with this new helpful system

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us Peyton. I know you have been super helpful in getting my life/areas more organized. And I have enjoyed learning more about self confidence from you over the last year or so. I often remember to “not sweat the small stuff” since hearing you say it in our chat (video above).

I look forward to our future videos about focusing and whatever else we come up with.

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