Chat 006 – What Makes My Mom so Amazing (Featuring “Mom”)

I have felt very misunderstood throughout my life. My tendencies are to do things different. To think outside of the box. So most of the world tends to see me as “weird”, “odd” and other adjectives that aren’t mean in themselves but are usually used in a negative and hurtful way.

While I’m grateful to have a great support system of amazing friends and family members, it’s seemed like there haven’t been many people throughout my life that truly had my back through all of my interesting ways of doing things.

My mom is definitely one of those people that does love me and support me no matter what “crazy idea” I have in the moment to change the world.

So this is a video of my mom and I chatting. I’m sure you can see a bit about why she is so amazing here.

Here’s a Quick Recap of What My Mom and I Talked About

It was an honor to have my mom join me on my podcast and talk about…

  • What I was like as a kid
  • How my mom raised me and my two brothers (successfully I might add)
  • Ways she has found to support her friends after her 3 sons became adults and moved out.
  • When children should start being the primary caregiver/supporter of their parents and how to do that.

My mom is such an inspiration to me. Thanks for coming on the show mom and you have helped me more than you could ever know! Your friends and family are very lucky to have you close.

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