I focus my podcast around 3 of my primary attributes. Being creative, caring and competitive. My goal is to talk to other like minded people and share our experiences on these subjects. I will also have some solo talks where I share my life experience with you as well. Enjoy!

Where Can I Listen to the Podcast?

There are many places online and apps on your phone to find the Calvin Keeney Show podcast. Here is some of those places:

I’m excited to share my experiences with you through my podcast along with the video versions of my podcast. If you prefer to watch the videos then you can find them on my YouTube channel along with my Facebook Page.

Why I Started a Podcast

I decided midway through 2018 that I wanted my life goal to be to help 100,000+ people in a positive and significant way. Phil Helmuth’s book called #Positivity encouraged me to lay out a plan for my life so I could have goals to shoot for.

Significantly helping 100k+ people is no small task and isn’t something I could do in a short period of time. But it was very fascinating and a fun goal for me to strive towards. Afterall, I love a good challenge.

This lofty goal I made is possible now with the internet allowing me to produce content at scale. Pre internet however, this same goal of mine might have been to help “800 people” or something. Way less than a hundred thousand that’s for sure.

But with the internet I can make content and show it to A LOT of different people all over the world. This is very exciting to me as it makes my goal attainable (though still extremely challenging). So I decided in the last quarter of 2018 that I was for sure set on starting a podcast. Having my own show would move me towards my life goal as long as I created it in a way that was helpful to others.

Throughout this time I was deciding what I wanted to make my show about. After looking back on my life and seeing what motivated me and interested me over the last 30+years. I decided on making content around me being a creative, caring and competitive person. My intuition says if I stick to focusing on content around those 3 attributes, then I will feel more focused and encouraged to create content that is helpful to others.

The Camping Trip and Best Friend I Owe Some Credit to for the Start of My Podcast

I wanna say thanks to my friend Justen Aguillon for having the energy to humor me on a camping trip in the hot Texas summer of 2018. We shot our first 2 “podcasts” together with only my iPhone as the camera and audio.

Here is the first “podcast” we shot in Kerville, Texas on our camping trip. These were uploaded to Facebook.
Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

And here is the marketing podcast we did for my game design company (Streamlined Gaming).

After receiving feedback from our friends and family along with how fun it was to shoot a video with my friend, I decided I wanted to do this more. So over the last half of 2018 I really researched what all equipment I would want and need to start a podcast. The equipment I chose to start recording my podcast needed to be easily transportable so I could take it with me when I was visiting family and friends.

And that’s how this podcast thing got all started for me!