Chat 014 – Special Education and Being an Artist with Marsha Henderson

I wanted to share with you a chat I had with my aunt Marsha not too long ago. We had a lot of fun in this one and I learned just how much alike we actually are. Pretty cool!

It was a blast talking to my aunt Marsha about what she does to help out with people that have intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD’s). Supporting her students by teaching them arts and crafts along with coaching them in Special Olympics.

I remember going to the beach every 3 years for family reunions and seeing the amazing sand sculptures aunt Marsha would make. They were amazing! Though as a kid I thought every family must have an amazing artist in it that could make a 4 foot long dolphin out of sand. Now that I’m an adult, I know that isn’t true. Which makes me even more grateful to know her and get to spend time with her.

Enjoy this fun talk that I had with aunt Marsha Henderson about things she has found to help support people with IDD’s along with how she practices art to live a more fulfilling life.

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