Chat 013 – Personal Brand and the Creative Process with Carla Lynne Hall

Being a creative person helps when it comes to building your personal brand online. I talked with my online friend who happens to be very creative and good at building her own personal brand.

We had a lot of fun talking about two of our favorite hobbies. Feel free to watch the video above or read about it below.

Personal Brand with Carla and Calvin

Carla and I both believe that establishing your personal brand online can help you in your life and career. Particularly if you are an entrepreneur or someone that works directly with customers (like being a Pickleball coach for example).

What is a “Personal Brand”?

We summed up personal brand to be equivalent to your “reputation”. It’s even more important in this digital age to have a reputation or personal brand. The truth comes out more than ever with the rise of the internet. This is a very good thing for people that tend to be honest and tell the truth.

How do You Build a Personal Brand Online?

Carla and I talked a bit about how we have started building our presence online. I have built up info about me and what I do through a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, Youtube account and more.

On top of those I decided to do a podcast where I strip the audio from my video files and post it for people to listen to on their car ride or while working out.

There are a lot of ways to build up your personal brand online. My suggestion would be to just start somewhere you feel comfortable with and learn how to talk about yourself in a way that is interesting to others. Being genuine is a great place to start. It may feel uncomfortable at first but that is completely normal.

Carla’s Tips on the Creative Process

There was a lot more research towards the creative process than I ever realized. Carla has read up on this quite a bit and attended some webinars about it.

She talked to me about ways to get unstuck when feeling writers block. We also talked about how Carla plans to implement her hobby of “woo woo stuff” into her personal brand. And how she has used the creative process in other areas of building an audience online.

What are Your Thoughts on Personal Brand and the Creative Process?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the importance of a personal brand in the digital age. Along with ways you use the creative process to get more done and feel more mentally engaged.

Let us know your experiences and thoughts in the comments below. Or just ask questions about what we discussed in our video above.

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