Chat 010 – Thoughts on the Previous Chat with Peyton Zipoy

Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. Like the time the maintenance guy came over in the middle of our show. Or the time my camera got full of memory and we had to redo our first take (which is what this was).

And then sometimes you think you are prepared with plenty to talk about but you cover it all much more quickly than you thought. That’s what happened in the previous chat about focusing with Peyton.

We discuss why the focusing episode didn’t go as I had hoped and also how I could do better in future episodes.

Discussing with Peyton What I Can Do Better in Future Interviews

Peyton was helpful as usual. We talked about various ways of improving my show along with some miscellaneous topics as well. Like…

Have Backup Topics and Questions for My Guest

Now I usually have backup topics to talk about with my guest. And in this case, I thought I had enough questions to ask Peyton about staying focused. What I didn’t realize is how much overlap there would be. Oops!

What Peyton’s Overall Thoughts Were About My Previous Chat with Her

I felt like the chat about focusing didn’t go too well. But I wasn’t sure if that was just in my head or if it felt off to Peyton as well. So I asked her to do a follow up episode. She didn’t know what I was going to ask her so her answer wasn’t pre thought up.

Peyton gave some helpful feedback on her takeaways from the focus episode. I found them useful and gave me ideas going forward with the show.

What Should I Name My Show?

We also discussed what I should name my show/podcast. I kind of wanted to name it “the Calvin Keeney Show” but was worried that it would sound too… braggy? Conceited? I don’t know the right word exactly.

Other options were “Calvin Keeney and Friends” and similarly named shows. Then Peyton pointed out that I might have some solo content where it’s just me talking to the audience. I thought this was a brilliant realization on her part.

I decided on “the Calvin Keeney Show” after discussing with Peyton for a bit. The reason was that my intentions were pure and I DID want to help people. So if people actually listened to the show then they should get that too. Others just passing by and thinking the show was selfish was something I couldn’t control and wasn’t worth worrying over.

And yes. Selfish! That’s the word I was looking for earlier. haha! Yay, I figured it out…

Should Peyton Go to Grad School?

Then we talked about Peyton’s plans for the near future. She is about to enter grad school and was debating going all the way through and getting her PHD or ending with a Masters. I gave my thoughts on the issue and suggested getting the minimal amount required for the job she wants. She seemed to want the 2 letters in front of her name more though so she is planning on going for the PHD.

Someday that may mean that we will have Dr. Zipoy on the show! That would be neat.

The episode ended when my producer and dogson, Nasus started getting hungry. So we ended our talk there and went to feed our loyal pack member.

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