Chat 005 – Brainstorming Creative Short Skits with Blaze Kunkel

I met Blaze through work. We were both Resident Assistants (RAs) and shared the same odd hours or working nights while being off during the day. Over the months we became exercise partners and through that found out that each other were very creative.

We became good friends but then life took us separate ways. When I started making videos I knew that I wanted to do one with Blaze. I decided to make it about 2 creative friends brainstorming fun short skit ideas and this was the amazingness that followed.

The 5 Short Skit Ideas Blaze and I Brainstormed

This video turned out 10x better than I could have even expected. Now I thought it would go well and we would have fun but it way exceeded even the high expectations I had set out for it.

Here are the 5 ideas Blaze and I thought of for fun short skits to create…

1. A Day in the Life of an Invisible Person

Blaze had a great idea where one of us would be an invisible person. The camera could see both of us but one person couldn’t see the other. We decided that I would play the role of the invisible person and Blaze would be the confused human that is thrown off by the actions of the invisible person.

And Nasus (my dogson) would play a supporting character so Blaze would have someone to vent to about the craziness that was happening.

2. A Clowns Life Outside of Work (the Circus)

This idea was probably my favorite one of the 5. It was another great idea that Blaze had. The main character was a clown that was living their normal life outside of their work. We thought it would be funny to have the clown character have a huge wig except that the hair is the real hair of the clown.

The clown character would also use random odd items such as a giant toothbrush and drive a large tricycle to the store, etc. I think this would be a really fun film to make!

3. Red Blaze

We wanted to brainstorm a skit where we showed anger (and how to possibly deal with anger in a healthier way). This was the idea we thought of to do that. Blaze comes home from work. Stubs his toe. Then goes into the red zone. I would play a supporting character that helps Blaze be ok with being angry and helping him comeback to his normal self.

Certain methods that we learned from working as RAs over the years were discussed in showing the audience how to better deal with anger.

4. What Happens to Your World When You Lose Your Smartphone

This is the skit that we mutually decided on making as our first short film. There was a lot of interesting things we discussed with this film.

First of all, we wanted to show how important the smart phone has become in our society and how irrelevant people feel without one. We wanted this to be a satire and poke fun of this idea in a funny way.

We also love helping other people and are constantly thinking of different populations to create content for. With that in mind, we decided that the film would be shot in a way that people that are deaf or hard of hearing could watch the film and follow along with what’s going along.

Part, but not all of the film would be silent (no audio). We chose to do this to show people that can hear a glimpse of what it’s like going through this life unable to hear well/at all.

Blaze and I plan on making this video the next time we get together to create and I couldn’t be more excited and nervous about it all.

5. A Love Story Between a Man and Man’s Best Friend

Most of our ideas had been comical so for this last one we decided to come up with a love story. Though I’m sure if we made the film we would end up adding some level of humor to it knowing the two of us.

This story would be inspired by my relationship with my dogson, Nasus. We have an awesome friendship and we’ve helped each other through a lot in this life. Blaze and I thought it would be neat to show a lost human meet with a wandering canine. Then have the two unlikely friends unite and become BFFs.

What was Your Favorite Skit Idea?

Blaze and I had a blast brainstorming these ideas and more. I look forward to actually creating one of more of these short skits.

Which one of them was your favorite? Let us know if the comments below and we will look into making a short video of that idea for ya!

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