Chat 008 – What It’s Like at a 31 Year Old’s Sleepover (Ft. Justen Aguillon)

We relaxed after recording the podcast episode about Pickleball and eating a nice home cooked meal. I wanted to capture a sense of what it was like when we got together and casually talked about all of our mutual hobbies. So that’s what we did with this episode.This is what our relaxing night turned into.

Thanks to Justen for being game to capture what it’s like when two 30+ year old guys get together for a fun and entertaining night. (Spoiler: It’s much more tame compared to the early 20 year old versions of ourselves. haha)

Several Topics Justen and I Shared Our Thoughts on Together

Our discussion was entertaining for both of us as usual. We have both learned a lot about different aspects of life over our combined 61 years here on earth. It’s nice being able to share our insights and experiences on ideas such as:

  • Buying vs. Renting where you live
  • A car buying strategy
  • How to save money when buying a car
  • Marketing strategies for commercials
  • Why I like being a tennis and pickleball coach
  • And struggles I’ve faced in my career so far.

I’m so happy to still have Justen as a big part in my life. As many of you know, childhood and young adulthood friends tend to get lost along the way of life. It brings me a lot of joy to know that our friendship is still going strong here a decade after being roommates together in college.

Here’s to sharing many more great times together, Justen!

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