Hey Pickleball friends. As some of you know I have opened up some time to plan Pickleball events and camps for 2019.

I’m happy to announce this first fun event that I’m organizing since I put together 2 tournaments at the Austin Tennis Center over the last several months.

Popular Questions about Calvin’s Crazy Pickleball Event

For those of you wanting details on this fun and whacky event, see the answers below.

When and Where is Calvin’s Crazy Pickleball Event Going to be Played?

This event will be played at the Austin Tennis Center on Saturday May 25th at 12pm till about 3 pm.

7800 Johnny Morris Rd
Austin, TX 78724

How Much Does it Cost and How do I Pay?

The cost is $10 per player. ($20 per team).

You can pay me (Calvin Keeney) directly to confirm your spot in this event. I accept cash, check, or credit card.

How do I sign Up for this Fun Pickleball Event?

You can sign up for Calvin’s Crazy Pickleball Event by contacting me. Here are several ways to reach me. Or you can always tell me in person the next time you see me at the court.

Just remember, spots are limited to 16 teams for this event.

What is Calvin’s Crazy Pickleball Event?

I thought creative Pickleball players would enjoy mixing it up together for a few hours of fun. So I have been brainstorming exciting ways to do just that!

Here are some quick details about the event:

  • This will be a doubles event limited to 16 teams. You can sign up as a team or as an individual and I can try and help match you with someone.
  • Your team will be matched in a group with other similarly rated teams. Please let me know your normal Pickleball rating if you know it and we will go from there. I’m sure some people will be better at Calvin’s Crazy Pickleball format and some will be worse than what they are in regular. Remember this event is for fun and to enjoy the company of other like minded people for a few hours.
  • We will play 5 rounds. Each round will be 1 game matches to 15 points. Switch sides at 8 points.

What makes it Calvin’s Crazy Pickleball?

Great questions! Thanks for asking 🙂

Each round there will be a new rule added or removed from the game. I have about 8-10 ideas for new ways to play each round. Here are a few game modes that you might find yourself playing:

  • No restrictions on how you serve – You can serve above your belly button. Bounce the ball on the ground. Hit down on the ball. Whatever you think of you can try!
  • “Volleyball” – Both players can hit the Pickleball before going over the net. For example, I can hit the ball to my partner in the air and they hit the ball over. Same normal kitchen rules apply for partner hitting the ball out of the air.
  • Hot Lava – The kitchen is out of bounds. If you ever hit the ball into the kitchen, the point is over and your opponents win the point.

Note that only 1 Crazy Rule will be added or removed each round. The idea is to add a bit of creativity to the game we all love. But not to overwhelm players with a whole list of rules.

So one round we might play with no restrictions on serve. Then the next round would be Hot Lava. But not both at the same time.

Also, thanks to those of you who helped pitch in and brainstorm new ways to play Pickleball for this event.

Who is Calvin’s Crazy Pickleball Event For?

This fun event is for creative Pickleball players wanting to have a good time with other fun people.

This is NOT a competitive event.

I look forward to seeing you there if you can make it. Even if you just want to come watch the craziness ensue.

Will I See You at Calvin’s Crazy Pickleball Event?

I am going to be playing in this event with Andrew Gray. He was the first person to welcome me to the Pickleball courts and I am so excited and honored to enjoy this event as his partner. Both of us are very creative people and I am curious to see what strategies we come up with together with these new rules.

Hopefully I will see you there as well. And maybe even play against you a round or 2!

Don’t forget to contact me to let me know you are coming to play. And if you need a partner, I will be happy to help you look for one as well.