This is my most popular Pickleball class. We learn how to play an entire sport in 90 minutes! It’s fast paced and players stay engaged the entire time.

We will enjoy playing Pickleball while sneaking in rules and scoring in between. This class is full of playing and learning bits and pieces of one of the fastest growing sports on earth. Before the end of class you will realize that you are playing full games of Pickleball!

IMPORTANT: Class Pre Requisites

A fun spirit and curiosity to learn this great game of Pickleball. Zero to limited knowledge of scoring and basic rules is also a pre req for this class (please don’t sign up if you are very comfortable with the scoring and rules.)

Who Should Take this Intro to Pickleball Class?

Couples, families and individuals looking to learn how to play Pickleball using the correct rules and scoring. No previous racket sport experience needed. Though ex tennis/racquetball/table tennis players tend to enjoy this class as well.

This intro class is perfect for people that have played Pickleball 0 times. If you have played 5 or less times but still want to learn the scoring and rules better, this class works for you as well.

Demo Paddles Available to Test During Class

You will also have access to demo some of the top paddles in the game. Feel free to try out some of the following paddles listed here in my blog post. I will bring them to class and you can test out a few for fun while we learn.

You do not need to bring your own paddle though you are welcome to if you have one. I will bring plenty of paddles for everyone to try out.

When is the Next Intro to Pickleball Class Going to Be Held?

I hold Intro to Pickleball classes each month. You can find them through the Austin Tennis and Pickleball Center calendar. Click on that link to go to the calendar and find an upcoming Intermediate class (they will likely appear as “How to Play Pickleball” classes when looking at the calendar.)

The Austin Tennis and Pickleball Center
7800 Johnny Morris Rd
Austin, TX 78724

How do I Know About Future Pickleball Classes Like this?

If you want email updates about Pickleball then you can sign up to receive them from me here. (Note: This is the same email list that I’ve used to contact players about past events I’ve ran. If you received those updates, then you should receive future updates as well.)

You can also sign up to receive updates via text message

To do that, text the word PICKLEBALL to 77222.
(Standard message and data rates apply).

I hope you are getting to play some fun games of Pickleball wherever you may be!