Who is this Advanced Pickleball Class for?

The recommended player level for this class is 4.0 and above. This level of player can get to the kitchen consistently and wants to improve their game when all 4 players are at the kitchen.

This class is great for players who:

  • Compete at a 4.0 and above level
  • Are able to get to the kitchen very consistently as the serving team.
  • Want to compete at a 4.5+ level

This class is NOT for players that:

  • have trouble aiming the ball
  • are unable to consistently get to the kitchen as the serving team
  • don’t dink much during your games

What Will this Advanced Pickleball Class Cover?

We will be focusing on the 3rd part of the pickleball point. This is where all 4 players have made it to the kitchen.

We will discuss strategies and techniques for high level kitchen play including:

  • Dinking
  • Attacking
  • Counter attacking
  • Solid ready position
  • Defending attacks
  • Pressuring your opponents

This class will consist of:

  • Instruction
  • Drills
  • Modified game play to encourage use of the new techniques and strategies you learn

We will switch back and forth between the three above as we level up our kitchen game.

When is the Next Advanced Pickleball Class Going to Be Held?

Click on the date of your choice below to go to the appropriate signup page through the Austin Tennis and Pickleball Center registration website.

Date: Sunday, October 17th from 11:30 – 1pm

Austin Tennis and Pickleball Center
7800 Johnny Morris Rd
Austin, TX 78724

How do I Know About Future Pickleball Classes Like this?

If you want email updates about Pickleball then you can sign up to receive them from me here. (Note: This is the same email list that I’ve used to contact players about past events I’ve ran. If you received those updates, then you should receive future updates as well.)

You can also sign up to receive updates via text message

To do that, text the word PICKLEBALL to 77222.
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I hope you are getting to play some fun games of Pickleball wherever you may be!