This intermediate pickleball class is designed to help you jump past the first big plateau that most new players experience. Getting to the kitchen effectively as the serving team is not an easy problem to solve for people new to the sport.

I wanted to spend a solid amount of time focusing on this challenging part of pickleball so I can help you overcome many of the problems that arise when you are unable to effectively get to the kitchen as the serving team.

Who is this Class for?

The recommended player level for this class is 3.0 – 4.0. This level of player understands the importance of getting to the kitchen but has trouble doing it frequently and consistently.

This intermediate class is great for players who:

  • Are comfortable with playing and good at keeping score.
  • Keep getting the ball slammed at you as you try to get to the kitchen.
  • Know how to hit a drop shop but want to improve it.
  • Want to hit a better drive (hard/fast ball).
  • Have trouble getting into dink rallies as the serving team.
  • Seek to improve your ability to volley when your opponents hit drives at you.
  • Want to learn how to keep their opponents off of the kitchen more effectively.

This class is NOT for players that:

  • Don’t like being at the kitchen
  • Hate when their opponents hit the ball hard at them
  • Are just learning the rules and how to score

It’s ok if you don’t like being at the kitchen and hate when opponents hit the ball hard at you, but this class won’t be enjoyable for you if these are true. I want to make sure people come to classes they will benefit from and are comfortable with.

What Will this Intermediate Pickleball Class Cover?

We will be focusing on the 2nd part of the pickleball point. This is right after the serve and the return. We will be assuming that the serving team served and stayed back near the baseline waiting for the return to bounce. And the returning team returned the ball and ran to the kitchen to form a wall of 2 players. You will learn techniques, skills and strategies for both the returning and serving team.

The serving team side will focus on learning and practicing:

  • Drop shots
  • Drives
  • Lobs
  • What type of ball is good to drop vs. drive vs. lob
  • When to move towards the kitchen
  • When to stay back

And the returning team will focus on learning and practicing:

  • Push volleys
  • Block volleys
  • Roll volleys
  • Effective ways to keep your opponents off of the kitchen
  • Being more comfortable against hard hitters when you are at the kitchen

You will alternate practicing as the team that is off the kitchen and the team up at the kitchen.

This class will consist of:

  • Instruction
  • Drills
  • Modified game play to encourage use of the new techniques and strategies you learn

When is the Next Intermediate Pickleball Class Going to Be Held?

Date: Sunday, March 8th from 1-3 pm.

The Austin Tennis and Pickleball Center
7800 Johnny Morris Rd
Austin, TX 78724

Additional Information on this Intermediate Pickleball Class

  • Number of Players for the class to make – 4 – 8
  • Length – 2 hours
  • Balls are provided (Outdoor classes will typically use my C DRIVE pickleballs)
  • I have extra paddles for people wanting to try out different paddles as well.

How do I Signup for this Intermediate Pickleball Class and How Much Does it Cost?

The cost is $25 for the full two hour group class. (Max 8 players).

You can sign up by contacting me here or by telling me the next time you see me at the courts.

Want Me to Come Teach this Intermediate Pickleball Class at Your Local Court?

I am a pickleball coach based out of Austin, Texas. But I have traveled outside of the city to do classes elsewhere. Feel free to contact me to discuss possibly ways for me to come to your local pickleball group to teach you this fun class. I would be happy to try and set something up.

How do I Know About Future Pickleball Classes Like this?

If you want email updates about Pickleball then you can sign up to receive them from me here. (Note: This is the same email list that I’ve used to contact players about past events I’ve ran. If you received those updates, then you should receive future updates as well.)

You can also sign up to receive updates via text message

To do that, text the word PICKLEBALL to 77222.
(Standard message and data rates apply).

I hope you are getting to play some fun games of Pickleball wherever you may be!