This Intermediate Pickleball class assumes that you are getting to the kitchen on your return. We are going to focus on the second part of the Pickleball point where the returning team is both at the kitchen while the serving team is back waiting for the return to bounce.

I will discuss different shots for both teams including the 3rd shot drop and drive. Along with the different types of 4th shot volleys that the returning team will use to keep the serving team away from the kitchen.

This intermediate pickleball class is designed to help you jump past the first big plateau that most new players experience. Getting to the kitchen effectively as the serving team is not an easy problem to solve for people newer to the sport.

Who Should Take this Intermediate Pickleball Class?

Players signing up for this class should be able to hit the ball clean and consistently. If your goal is to “just hit the ball over”, please sign up for my “hitting the Pickleball” class instead.

This Intermediate Pickleball class is for players that are comfortable with hitting the ball and are playing at a 3.0 – 3.5 level.

IMPORTANT: Intermediate Class Pre Requisites

You must be able to honestly answer “Yes” to all of the following statements:

  • I know the rules and scoring very well.
  • I can hit the ball consistently and aim where I am hitting.
  • I get to the kitchen on my return 95% or more of the time.
  • I am comfortable being at the kitchen while my opponent drives the ball towards me from the baseline.

If you answer “no” to any of them, then this class is not a good fit for you. Reach out to me here for help finding the appropriate class.

Demo Paddles Available to Test During Class

You will also have access to demo some of the top paddles in the game. Feel free to try out some of the following paddles listed here in my blog post. I will bring them to class and you can test out a few for fun while we learn.

What Will this Intermediate Pickleball Class Cover?

We will be focusing on the 2nd part of the pickleball point. This is right after the serve and the return. We will be assuming that the serving team served and stayed back near the baseline waiting for the return to bounce. And the returning team returned the ball and ran to the kitchen to form a wall of 2 players. You will learn techniques, skills and strategies for both the returning and serving team.

When is the Next Intermediate Pickleball Class Going to Be Held?

Click on the date of your choice below to go to the appropriate signup page through the Austin Tennis and Pickleball Center registration website.


I hold Intermediate Pickleball classes each month. You can find them through the Austin Tennis and Pickleball Center calendar. Click on that link to go to the calendar and find an upcoming Intermediate class.

The Austin Tennis and Pickleball Center
7800 Johnny Morris Rd
Austin, TX 78724

How do I Know About Future Pickleball Classes Like this?

If you want email updates about Pickleball then you can sign up to receive them from me here. (Note: This is the same email list that I’ve used to contact players about past events I’ve ran. If you received those updates, then you should receive future updates as well.)

You can also sign up to receive updates via text message

To do that, text the word PICKLEBALL to 77222.
(Standard message and data rates apply).

I hope you are getting to play some fun games of Pickleball wherever you may be!